It refers to in-mold labeling. In its simplest terms; Polyproplene (PP) film, pre-printed and cut in product form, is placed in the mold. Then, by combining the melted PP supplied in the mold with the label, The final product is decorated with high print quality.

IML Labeling Robot Types

  • Injection IML
  • Thermoform IML
  • Blow-molding IML

It is highly resistant to sudden changes in temperature and humidity, which ensures high performance to meet hygienic requirements in the food industry in the food sector. Provides cost advantage thanks to much shorter production time than dry offset or sticky label use. The environment is your friend. The same plastic container; It appeals to different product groups with a single mold, because it can be decorated with different labels.

In the IML injection, the PP material is sent out as shown in the figure. This material, which is cold, is advanced together with the hydraulic press, screwed in with the resistance and warmed when it comes to its end and it is discharged by injection. On the other side of the female male ends, which are seen in the middle, a label is sent from one place to the other end, and static electret is attached to the female mold, while in the case of the housing the male mold is brought together with the outer mold and there is very little space between the mold and the label. This is done by injection and then the movable plate, which is a moveable support plate, is pressed and glued, during which the coolers work. The track of the moveable support plate is already visible and then the male is pulled together with the die and the operation is completed by pushing the movable support plate.


There are a few kinds, for instance yoghurt shells are dynamically placed on the dummy, and the dummy is taken with the female mold and vacuumed. Then the male mold female mold comes and sticks with the PP and then the formed mold is taken and left.

MFM Engineering carries out the product according to the customer's request with the desired labeling option. It enables the labeling automation system to work successfully with its unique design and software by its expert staff.